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Joomla 25 & 33

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Showcases the latest trends of UI/UX

JA Argo is inspired from the latest Flat Design trend, which has been widely adopted by the Joomla community. It's where your content can truly shine through the fancy designs and typo.

responsive joomla template

Fully responsive Joomla template

Built on the latest version of T3 Framework makes JA Argo responsive at core. Not only look good on the wide screen resolution, but also stay stunning on mobile and tablet devices.

responsive joomla template

Support Right To Left Language (RTL)

Thanks to the T3 Framework, JA Argo is RTL language layout ready to rock it out, a bonus to RTL lovers..

responsive joomla template

Infinity Scrolling

The theme comes up with up to 4 bonus theme skins with different background colors and textures.

responsive joomla template

Sticky Sidebars & Menu

Navigating through the news page can be a pain, with the Sticky Menu and Sidebars, navigation problem is solved.

responsive joomla template

5 color themes supported by default

You can choose up to 5 color schemes for your JA Argo and sure to find one that fits you best.

responsive joomla template

Up to 9 bonus pages

Enjoy the 9 bonus pages. Be sure to be blown away from these goodies. They are just absolutely stunning.

responsive joomla template

Loop Banners

Assure your banner to be widely seen and broadcasted to everyone.

responsive joomla template

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